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Sits Ascension Pyramid
Sits Ascension Pyramid

Sits Ascension Pyramid

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The energetics of the Ascension Pyramid is one of neutrality

**August Clearance Sale announcement-  We do not keep a large quantity of this product in stock, there may be delays in creation and shipping.

The Sits Pyramid brings the entire Soul’s Light into a Space of Neutrality. It is a field that transcends duality. Your Soul knows this space. It is healing beyond comprehension, as old creation patterns based on duality and suffering are shifted for your entire being.

The Pyramids are a physical space to retreat to in order to clear out the noise of everyday life. They create an energetic space of unconditional Love and allowing, in which you can do clearing and releasing work, healing, manifesting and creating, connecting more fully with the soul, and bring all that you are into a field a peace. This is the space to release old storylines, thought patterns, and belief structures which no longer serve you. This is the space that allows the physical body to be nourished and loved by the Sou. It is also the space of Wisdom, and for the integration of the human Light Body. 


Each Pyramid connects with the heart of the Earth and every Ascension and Grid Point Pyramid on the planet, creating a powerful grid and high vibrational healing energy field. Within the Pyramid is also a great place to put whatever you need to shift in vibration, such as supplements, essential oils, medications, food, or water.

All Ascension Pyramids expand energetically to cover your entire home. This field expands to meet your needs. If the pyramid is in an apartment, for instance, it will expand to cover the entire complex. Again, it is only on the interior of the Pyramids that you find the Field of Neutrality. The energy the Pyramids radiate on the outside of the structure is still a phenomenal energy which restructures electromagnetics (EMFs) and raises the frequency and vibration and consciousness of everyone and everything in its field!

Below are the items required to hold this Space of Neutrality within the collapsible and portable pyramid structure.

1) The Pyramid's 1/2" copper tubing are cut to sacred measurements, while the integrated cable system holds the legs at the required 60 degree angle.

2) Cosmic Sun Disc, 8-1/2". This is what helps generate the toroidal field, the moving field within and outside of the pyramid.

3) On The Wings of Tok. Another powerful tool on its own, and brings with it the energetics of the Wisdom Rings.

4) Alchemist Home Set of Tensor Rings is a three ring set that holds a space for grounding, connecting, and simply allowing more of the individual's Light to come in.

5) Regeneration Gaia Sphere is shown atop of the pyramid, but can be placed inside as well. The Regeneration Gaia Sphere is a powerhouse, in that it is connecting and grounding and expanding.

It does not matter the specific placement of the tools, only that they are all together with the Pyramid. The Ascension Pyramid energetics is a very specific combination of tools. 


he Sits Pyramid has a 53" wide base, and stands 64" tall.

The new cable system is situated above your head, so there are no wire cables at the feet of the pyramid to trip over while getting in and out of the pyramid.

The cable system sits at 48" off the ground.

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Meditation-Sized Ascension Pyramid

Within the Pyramid, you will find the field of Neutrality and Universal Peace. 

From there, you can realize the Quantum Heart, and begin to shift your relationship with all of Creation through Quantum Harmonization. 

Outside of the Pyramid, you will find the field of Universal Peace, and still experience the subtleties of Neutrality and Harmony.

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May 2021 Update: The Ascension Pyramids all have access now, to the new Chalice Ring energy!!  That crystal clear, pure light that comes from within, but has remained mostly hidden since the beginning of time and creation, is now accessible through the Pyramids!!
If you already own any of the Ascension Pyramids, the energetic updates happened automatically!!

August 2021 Update: We are now using the Alchemist Home Set in place of the Harmonic Creation Field Trio!   All new Pyramid purchases will include the updated set of Rings!  If you choose to add the Alchemist Rings to your existing Pyramid, the original Trio can be used elsewhere around the house or office!

November 2021 Update: The upgrade to the Wings of Tok is the new On The Wings of Tok!  Also, all Pyramids are now holding the energetics of the Wisdom Rings!!  If you previously purchased any of our Pyramids, the Wisdom Ring energetic update was already added to your Pyramid!!


Our favorite and most easily portable Meditation-sized Pyramid!


The physical pyramid anchors in a larger, energetic, pyramid. The energetic pyramid covers the entire building, and more.

This field expands to meet your needs.  If the pyramid is in an apartment, for instance, it will expand to cover the entire complex.

The Sits Pyramid has a 53" wide base, and stands 64" tall. 

The new cable system is situated above your head, so there are no wire cables at the feet of the pyramid to trip over while getting in and out of the pyramid.  The cable system sits at 48" off the ground, and makes an excellent nest for your Cosmic Sundisc and other tools to sit, as pictured!

The Sits Pyramid Kit Includes:

The Leg Extensions for the mini Pyramid along with Carrying tube.  The Sits Pyramid also includes the entire mini Ascension Pyramid Kit, as listed below.

1) mini Ascension Pyramid.  The top of the Pyramid is held together with a jump-ring, so it is collapsible and portable. 

The cable basket under the apex holds the Cosmic Sundisc, while keeping base at the appropriate distance to create the 60 degree angle needed to hold the energetics.

The Pyramid itself is made with 1/2" copper tubing, cut to sacred measurementss. 

2) Cosmic Sun Disc, 8-1/2".  This is what helps generate the torridal field, the moving field within and outside of the pyramid.  The Sun Disc is a powerful tool on it's own, and more information can be found on the Sun Disc product page.  

3) On The Wings of Tok. The updated version is now here!!  The original Wings of Tok will still work with the Pyramids.

4) Alchemist Home Set is the three ring set pictured (pictured is still the Harmonic Creation Field Trio set of Tensor Rings).  The Trio holds a space for grounding, connecting, and simply allowing more of the individual's Light to come in.  The Pyramid Kit includes the Alchemist Home Set.  It is perfectly acceptable to continue to use the original Harmonic Creation Field Trio, if that is what you already own!  More information on the Alchemist Rings can be found on the Alchemist Home Set product page.

5) Regeneration Gaia Sphere is the final piece to the entourage.  This 3" sphere is shown atop of the pyramid, securely fastened with the rubber mounting hook.  The Gaia Sphere is removable, so it can be used on it's own as well.  More information on this phenomenal tool can be found on the Regeneration Gaia Sphere product page.

Mini Ascension Pyramid

It does not matter the specific placement of the tools, only that they are all together with the Pyramid. 

The 1/2" copper Leg Extensions are cut to Sacred measurements. The copper feet are capped, with the cable system permanently attached above the head.  Simply slip the Leg Extensions onto the mini Ascension Pyramid, and you have the perfect sized meditation pyramid! 

The heavy duty Carrying tube has a removable cap, and allows for safe and easy transport for your pyramid.
The 2" diameter Carrying Tube, is 75" long, and holds both the mini Ascension Pyramid and Leg Extensions fully inside.


The Ascension Pyramid energetics is a very specific combination of tools, and will not have the same functionality without all pieces within the pyramid.

The Pyramid alone will not provide the energetics the Ascension Pyramid does. 

If you already own parts and pieces to the Ascension Pyramids, you can purchase just the pyramids themselves at Ascension Pyramid Kits.

Most of us keep the mini Pyramid in our bedrooms, though we also keep one on the table at Twistedsage Studios.  We place peoples names, or specific situations, within the larger Gaia Sphere under the pyramid, to hold space for the specific person or situation.

We have seen some huge shifts in both people and environments with this set-up.  It is just as energetically powerful as the full sized Ascension Pyramid, found on the Ascension Pyramid product page, while the full sized Pyramid feels more potent physically.  The field within the Pyramid is more of the epicenter of the Torus, yet the work being done while within the greater field of either Pyramid is the same over time.

The space within the Full-sized Ascension Pyramid is rather intense, while the space outside of it is just like the mini Pyramid.. calm and peaceful.  I can only handle the full-sized version for a few minutes at a time, after sleeping under it for several nights.  The mini Pyramid is always a welcomed energy though, as is having the larger Pyramid in your space.

Within the Pyramid is also a great place to put whatever you need to be cleared or charged... such as supplements, essential oils, medications, food, or water.

Again, it does not matter how the pyramid is assembled, it works because of the unit as a whole.  Some like to put the Sun Disc on top, or everything in the center of the pyramid... doesn't matter, as long as all pieces are together as a unit.

*** Having just the Pyramid itself, without the other parts to the whole, will not produce the same results.  All five components are needed to create the Ascension Pyramid.

More about the Ascension Pyramids

Connects the Heart of the Universe and the Heart of Gaia, mixing and expanding them as the toroidal field of the Quantum Heart.

Connection into the Heart of the Earth. 
The pure Light vibration of the Heart of the Earth. 
This is brought up through the Pyramid.

The Heart of the Universe comes down as a column of Light, with Blue, Gold, and Silver Rays. 

Comes together as the Quantum Heart

Soft and Gentle.  Peace and Calm, within the Quantum Heart.

 High vibrating Light Rays come into people, pets, and the environment.

Heart of the Earth comes up through the Pyramid legs. Heart of the Universe coming down as a beam of Light, and all mixes together within the structure, before expanding out into a larger torridal field of the Quantum Heart.

Brings in the Soul Light, releasing dense energies.

May take longer for some, others will be affected right away.

Brings about healing, peace, calmness.

The physical pyramid anchors in a larger, energetic, pyramid. The energetic pyramid covers the entire building, and more.

This field expands to meet your needs. If the pyramid is in an apartment, for instance, it will expand to cover the entire complex.

More stories with the Ascension Pyramids:

The 60 Degree angle is what we were drawn to use for the seated Ascension Chamber angle.  This was the Chamber right before the Pyramid Chambers came to be.  We later found the Bosnian Pyramid complex uses 60 degrees on some of their pyramid angles.  The Bosnian Pyramid Chamber we created in August of 2019, which is now permanently housed in Twistedsage Studios, is like the Bosnian Pyramids, in that it is not connected to the Earth Grid system at all, rather it is connecting the Earth to an interstellar grid system.  This is unlike other ancient Pyramids on the planet, which create Earth Grids.  Such as the Egyptian pyramid complex... it holds us in 3rd density psychical reality through it's grid system.  Such was needed for the times we had been playing in.

The larger Ascension Pyramids do not hold the same energetics as the first Bosnian Pyramid Chamber we created, rather the newer Ascension Pyramids all work with the Light of the Earth, our Soul's Light, and the Light of Creation and the Universe, to bring through a field of Neutrality.  Neutrality is a step out of the Duality Matrix which our Souls have been constantly born into within this known Universe.  We are stepping into higher aspects of the Universe, as we connect more with these higher aspects of our own Souls.

My personal and family observations:

I love adding the Activator to my pyramid.  It gives it a wonderful extra boost, though a boost is certainly not needed!  You can add other tools, crystals, oils, etc. into the mix as well, to customize your own Sacred Space.

Our mom's life-long anxiety stopped when the Pyramid was added to her bedroom.  It shifted my daughters energy when we added it to our home.  You can feel it shift the entire home when it is set up.

I often times use the Pyramid to do energy work for others, by simply holding space for them to step into the field.  Often times this is all that is needed for the issue.  The field of Neutrality within the Pyramid is a powerful force in transforming duality.

The Ascension Pyramid line is absolutely one of my all time favorite tools!!!

Some of the consciousness work you can do within the pyramid:


The video below is the original Sits Pyramid product video.  There have been updates to the physical pyramids, including a new cable system, so no more cables at the feet!!  Please refer to the updated video at the top of the page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Daniel W.
I felt like levitating in the universe 0 gravity

Totally worth it to ship it to Taiwan. I love meditation but am easily distracted. I love my pyramid making me feel like floating in the universe and keeping me in the status of theta wave, connecting to higher power and wisdom.
I put my homeopathic vials inside, and I can absorb the energy better. It’s amazing!
Thank you!

I don't even know what's real anymore..

I read the reviews for this pyramid, and along with some YT video reviews and orientation videos. I liked the concept of what it entailed, had to test it out for myself.. Worse case, it's an expensive pretty ornament; best case, beyond words can describe..
At first impression on quality, it's really beautiful! VERY WELL MADE. So price seems justified for the amount of work put into it.
What have I "felt" so far? To preface, I am not optimally using these tools, I only have read the effects reviews have stated.
I tried sleeping under this at night. I did notice at a certain point after lying down in the pyramid, my arms and legs felt like the cells were vibrating intensely. I wanna say placebo because that's something I read in a review.. Before I wouldnt remember any dreams, after I had some vivid ones, but nothing significant or consistent.
I now have moved the pyramid to open floor where computer chair is. I mainly use it to wind down before bed, waking up in the morning, before work (placing positive intent vibes for silver TS necklace), or when watching informative/educational videos on the computer. Probably not the correct way to use it? But I'm starting to believe things will find it's way when it's time..
Two months after I got this pyramid, I found a person 22_savage22 (tied to the number 22) teaching numerology. And currently I see this pyramid selling for 2222..
And through them it led me to a different YT channel Decode Your Reality which explains a lot of sacred geometry; which finally led me back to here to write a review (I just noticed TS requested for me to write a review on 6/7, today is 7/6 when I'm writing this. Didn't plan that out. There's probably more I am not observing.. but yea, this field is definitely interesting.
Once the mind is starting to awaken, those around you still asleep will alienate you if you rise too quick for force it upon them.. Tread carefully, and may you find what you're searching!

background: truth seeker jumping down many rabbit holes (gematria, chaldean cipher, astrology, alchemy, numerology, matrix like simulation)

Dominique M.
Love my pyramid

I absolutely love this pyramid x could feel it’s energy immediately. I use it for manifestation, in client work and in my daily meditation. Also my sleep has normalised after 20 years of disrupted sleep. Such a gift to the world, thank you, Dominique Mali.

Heather M.

I have used it consistently since it arrived. I am aware of feeling a clearing throughout my energy body - but also this blissful sense of peace, well being and support. It helps clear anxiety and my heart is really helped by the energy. I have a couple of friends that are dealing with Adrenal Fatigue, both have noticed a surge of energy after sitting for a short time. My dog clients are very drawn to sit under. I had wisdom tooth extraction this week and didn’t get any swelling and little soreness..I am sure the pyramid had something to do with rapid healing. You guys are out of this world. Beyond grateful for what you do for this planet and the souls that inhabit it.

Dayna C.
Love my Pyramid (and the other products too)

Since receiving the Meditation Sized Ascension Pyramid Kit, I sit within it for about 15 minutes almost every morning and evening, and sometimes more. The energy received allows me to prepare for or close my day with calmness and clarity. Additionally, each person who has been placed inside this pyramid (physically or spiritually) has received calmness and peaceful energy as well, which has lasted several days in some even with distance away from it. This pyramid and the vibrational energy it resonates is amazing!

I have several other products as well, and each are just as energetically unique a product as this Pyramid. I am still learning to invoke each product for maximum impact and effectiveness. I regularly recommend Twisted Sage products to those who I work with that are open and interested in their own self awareness journey.