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The Smart Meter Electrical Clearing Disc creates sacred space throughout your entire home, by raising the vibration, and enveloping occupants in a transformative, healing, Loving energy.  The plug-in option is perfect for travelers, indoor workers, and all those who appreciate having their electrical outlets and smart meters transmissions transformed into beneficial energy fields.

The Electrical Clearing Disc plug-in option fits any standard US electrical outlet. The plastic plug holds the disc close enough to the home’s electrical field for the energetic connection to be made. A healthful transformation of energy occurs no matter where on your electrical system you put the Disc. Smart meter transmissions are cleared with the Disc placed inside the home on the electrical panel or plugged into any outlet. As with all tensor tools, we are not trying to block harmful energies, but rather transform harmful energy fields and frequencies into something much more beneficial.

The Stick-On Disc has the same rubberized self-adhesive backing as our Cell Tabs, and can be adhered directly to the door of the electrical panel (aka breaker box, or fuse panel).  Spending any amount of time within 5-1/2 to 6 feet of the electrical panel can be detrimental.  If your electrical panel is in your bedroom, please place one there!

Placement of the Electrical Clearing Disc is not needed on the smart meter itself to be effective in transforming the meter and its transmissions.  We have seen professional dowsers affix these to the green electrical transformer boxes in a neighborhood, changing the energy from negative thousands to positive hundreds - at the transformer, as well as in EVERY ELECTRICAL PANEL and SMART METER connected to the transformer.  One Disc will cover an entire apartment building!

To harmonize the transmissions of Wifi routers, communications towers, and other nonbeneficial EMF transmitters in the home or neighborhood, we suggest having any of the Tensor Field Generators in the home.  The Smart Meter Electrical Disc will only cover the household electrical system and smart meter transmissions.  The Tensor Field Generators will cover all other “free floating” electromagnetic energies that may be found in the home.

**For compatibility with electrical outlets located outside of the United States, simply cut one of the plastic tabs off, and insert into the electrical plug.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Victoria M.
Rays of calm

I’ve had my smart meter disc for a few weeks now, but I noticed it’s effects immediately. I put it in the kitchen outlet, opposite to where I work at the counter most of the time. I live in an older building and the wiring in general leaves a lot to be desired, but I noticed everything in the apartment began to work better as opposed to having to jiggle wires to get lamps working. The best part was a peaceful feeling settled in and has made a huge difference in my mood, less irritable. I highly recommend this beautiful little device!

Always the best!

As with all of my Twisted Sage tools, I feel a peace of mind.

Kara S.
I think its working....

Still measuring before and after, but it seems to be reducing the emf's in my workplace by a considerable amount. We are on the end of a building where all the smart meters for the whole building, so about 10 of them all next to us.... I had no idea what to do about it until I found this. Hoping the good results continue and I can attribute it fully to this little disc.


Though fairly insensitive to energies, my home feels overall "lighter" in some way! Very pleased with this purchase!

Gregory F.
Great item

I am so happy to have found this ring. I could feel the difference as soon as I put it on the fuse panel. The feeling in the house continues to improve. I feel much less irritable and my wife and I are having more casual conversations than we were.