golden fire coil
Tensor Coil Pendant
Tensor Coil Pendant
Tensor Coil Pendant
Tensor Coil Pendant
Tensor Coil Pendant
Tensor Coil Pendant

Tensor Coil Pendant

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Tensor Coil Pendant w/ Infinity

Pendants are 3-3/4" long and 3/8" diameter, including the attached Infinity. 
The copper coil, formerly known as the Golden Fire Coil, has been updated energetically, to match the energetics of the new Silver Tensor Coil Pendant.

The Copper version comes with our signature adjustable leather lanyard.

The Silver version is made from .999 fine silver, and comes plain, with a lanyard, or length choice of sterling silver chain.

This has been the go-to tool for EMF protection and for empaths, for nearly a decade!

The Tensor Coil Pendants are in the newest energetics here at Twistedsage Studios, and your Pendant will continue to receive energetic updates as the tools and all of us continue to shift and grow!  Again, the newest energetics are simply a sacred space for your light and consciousness, and that of the Earth, to exist more tangibly in the here now moment, within you!  And of course, there is still that powerful, flowing, Tensor field which surrounds and harmonizes all that comes into your field!

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One of the best empath Filters we have seen!!!

The field which flows around you acts as a filter, allowing in the information, but not any of the energies that may come with it!

The Tensor Coil's toroidal field flows through the Heart, throat, Pineal, Quantum Mind, then expands out.  This brings your light and consciousness to the forefront.

The Soul's Light, and the Light of the Earth, come into you, and there is a merging,
a connecting of the bigger You, the Earth, and the you in the here now moment.

Many people can feel this one very physically.

Allow your soul to open the doors of infinite possibilities.

Customer Reviews

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Satisfied C.
Silver Tensor coil pendant

Wow is what I have to say!!! I got it today and am wearing it with my black tourmaline/elite shungite/flourite pendant. I am so relaxed. Thank you!

Paula G.
Tensor coil

When I wear this coil, all pain is gone. I can move with ease. My foot was broken years ago, and I experience arthritis pain as a result . Not when I wear this tensir coil. Love it.

Sharon G.

We're all wearing the necklace and people look and ask where did you get them from!

Combine with a regeneration ring for ongoing clearing and protection

Even though I have a lot of the newer tools (love them for other purposes) and I have switched out necklace pendants for months at a time my go-to for daily wear is still this golden fire coil + a regeneration ring.

I’m very empathic and bothered by the city energy where I live. It physically causes me some low level pain and constant feeling of stress.

When I wear this combo it’s like energetic ear plugs on this energy. I feel more grounded and not stressed by the city around me. I feel the effect in about 1-2 hours after putting it on and it maintains as long as I wear it. I don’t need to constantly shield, clear, ground, etc etc while I wear it. When I don’t wear it takes a lot more work to maintain my energy.

I have them on spring loaded jump rings so I can attach these pendants to my crystal necklaces easily. I am currently wearing these two on a silver sheen obsidian necklace for a great protective combo.

Golden fire coil

I've worn this for a few months and I find it grounding and clearing. I wear it with my recent purchase of the Alchemist pendant and a small Vogel crystal that I've programmed with Divine love. I love wearing them all even if they are a bit much size-wise, but I like the energetic feel! True helpers in these difficult times... 😊