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Golden Fire Tensor Field Generators
4 Inch Golden Fire Generator
2-1/2" Generator
Golden Fire Tensor Field Generators
Golden Fire Tensor Field Generators

Golden Fire Tensor Field Generators

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Golden Fire Generators

Emanating the energies of unconditional love, peace, harmony, and connection, Golden Fire Generators create a 2-1/2 mile radius of space that clears and transforms non-beneficial energies, affecting everyone within the field, whether or not they are conscious of the energetic shift. On some level, they feel peace, and that energy remains with them as a seed planted for the soul to further cultivate.  Recommended Generator for EMF and dense energy clearing. 

Carry the generator with you to clear and Lighten space wherever you go. Place crystals in the center to amplify the energetics of the crystals, or speak an intention into the generator, and it will amplify the highest aspects of that intention, affecting everything within the sphere of influence.

For durability, if carried in backpacks and purses, the 2" generator is suggested. The 2-1/2" is a much lighter gauge, and can be crushed easily in a bag, but is a desirable model for its affordability. For adding crystals and other objects within your generator to amplify, or if you prefer more of a mantle piece, the 4" and 8" are great options. The 8" is also wonderful to have for use in classrooms, sharing circles, or working with kids, as they can hold it when they need to calm, clear, and ground.

***Generators are not perfectly spherical.***

Due to the weave pattern used to create a tensor field generator, the rings are impossible to make perfectly round. This is more pronounced on the smaller generators, such as the 2".  The larger 4" and  8" generators have the appearance of being more perfectly rounded rings within the sphere.

 1" Golden Fire Generators are for your personal field.  For the environment and neighborhood, all other sizes of Generators are more suitable.

The 4" Golden Fire Generator is also available as a bracelet on our Bracelet Generators page.  ***It is not recommended to collapse your 4" Generator you purchase from this page, as time and care was taken to make it as round as possible.  None of the Generators on this page are meant to be collapsible Generators, please check the Bracelet Generator page for the collapsible style. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Don’t leave home without it😊

The golden fire generator has had a palpable impact at our home. Noticeably all the little irritations and arguments just vanished. And visitors remark about the peaceful and loving environment here. I’ve had the 4” GF generator for a number of years now and got the smaller 2 1/2” for the car so we could bring that energy wherever we travel. Thanks,Twisted Sage, these tools are the real deal♥️

Claudia T.
Outstanding Customer service!

It's the perfect size for my small apt! My shipment got lost in the mail and Billie was beyond compassionate and replaced my order immediately! I am beyond grateful♥ The energy in my place is so calm and soothing, thank you twisted sage team!

Marcus W.
Neighborly shift…

I have a neighbor that has been polluting the night sky with outside lighting: strings of hard-wired lights over their patio and lawn. A bummer because I live in the boondocks and the stars can be dazzling…
After setting the intention into my 8” Generator about two months ago - suddenly - it’s dark! Neighbor no longer has lights on all night. One could say they are just tying to cut expenses but lights have been on a timer for a couple of years…energetically feels better around my house and the land! TwistedSage ROCKS!
Thank you!

Incomparable must-have!

The 2" GF generator that Brian suggested at my first order for its durability really is beyond amazing!
It goes everywhere with me, and if I ever forget it, I miss it! I love how neatly and easily it fits into any bag, pocket, is always ready to come with, haha, and I got it after a wave of burglaries where I currently live while abroad. No more incidents since, it really does harmonize a 2 1/2 miles space, keeps dense energy away, withstands throwing stuff into one's handbag as one does;) without ever getting out of shape!! As Stephanie wrote below, one can't stop holding it once one starts, so it really oughta come with a disclaimer!! 😇 It has such a deeply peaceful, grounding and protective energy, this little bundle of joy!! My go-to item and highly recommend for anyone to keep harmony and peace in one's neighborhood and hold the space for all, people, animals, plants, minerals, you name it. I love it so much that I saved up and recently also bought the 222 generator ❤️ which feels delicate, loving, utterly sweet and loves some sugilite in it, as well as the harmony one and either of 'em tames even the most unruly, argumentative peeps here! I then added a larger GF generator as the wee one is mostly on the go, to keep one's rental apartment in line:) Lastly, the wonderful Wisdom generator with its flat surface that emanates such a brilliant, bright light and really likes to be worn! Cannot recommend highly enough, as with the pendants and other tools, one intuitively feels which one is best for whatever occasion, and they seem to love each other's company, although some will be gifted when ( if??) they are ready to move where they are most needed to share the joy!! 😍 Fantastic tool, eternal gratitude to TS studios, superb craftsmanship as always and grateful for the precise, spot-on guidance when trying this first one--the activation to simply know which ones wanted to come a year later came easily then, they are so in synch with one another!! Keep up the great job, much love to all! 🐬💙

Christine D.
Protect your energy

I purchased this product for a friend birthday present.
Her body was struggling I let her borrow one EMF pendant alone with one of my generator because I have 2( a big for home and a small one when I travel.
The symptoms that she had was cold like symptoms with
hoarseness, in less than 24 hours she was all better.
So please everyone protect your energy 5G is bothering our bodies more than you think.