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Finger Rings

Silver Finger Rings are in the Chalice Ring energetics.  The Chalice energy is a clear pure light.  It is gentle, and very heart centered.  Pure crystal clear light consciousness.  It is truly one of the more powerful energies we have worked with, though it is a very subtle and easy energy.

The Copper Finger Rings are created through a blending and harmonizing of all Twistedsage Tensor Ring frequencies.  This and other recent advancements in Tensor Technologies has allowed for the creation of specific sized Finer Rings, while carrying a fully functional Tensor Field.  The Field the Copper Finger Rings carry is the culmination of all frequencies and properties used in the Twistedsage Studios Tensor Rings!!  This is an amazing feat in itself, resulting in one of the most phenomenal frequency of rings to date!

The Copper Finger Rings are pure copper, with a small bronze weld where the ends come together.  The Silver Finger Rings are a mix of .999 Fine Silver, and Sterling Silver.  They are all a light gauge ring, sturdy and super comfortable.  Available in whole and half sizes.  Sizes are in US Finger Ring sizes.

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This has been a long awaited release, as we have been trying to create a line of finger rings for years!! Now that the silver version is available, you can wear two or three Rings together on one finger, of differing metals and frequencies!  They energetically harmonize well together, yet play with them each on their own as well!

As always, if your finger turns green while wearing copper products, it is most likely due to stress or dehydration.  Our body will absorb as much copper as it can process.  The skin is a smart organ, which will stop absorbing copper when it can no longer process the copper (for the majority of people, stress and dehydration are a common cause).  This will then leave a green patina on the skin.

If your Finger Ring is too small, it can simply be sized up by a professional jeweler, without affecting the energetics of the Ring!

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Love it

Not only is the silver ring beautiful but it feels so loving and complete.

Exquisitely Elegant

This Chalice ring pairs beautifully with the Silver Heddeka Elemental Ring. It brings such a remarkable energy to the finger and by extension the rest of the body. They are very simple and refined whilst made perfectly for stacking multiple upon one another. If you absolutely love the Chalice Energetics this ring is a must have in your every day jewelry collection.

Love it

A couple of months ago, I went back to wearing several rings on a regular basis. My silver finger ring fits perfectly. It's simple, light and comfortable. I have a number of tensors from TS. Having the ring makes it easy to have one with me any time.

Anna M.
Amazing Energy Tool

Such a beautiful piece of jewelry and such an incredibly healing energy tool. I wear the ring on my right thumb (the lungs) and I feel so comfortable with it on. I have already felt a lot of subtle healing from it. The craftsmanship and work of it is so beautifully done. Thank you guys for another amazing piece!


Have had a chronic persistent itching on my back for 15/20 years, NOTHING would cure it. Since having the Chalice finger ring, the electric convertor ring, and the phone emf protector disc it has completely gone. Not sure which one cured it but thank you. New to your Energies but just proves how much they can affect you. Will definitely continue buying them in the future.

Kind regards David