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Wisdom Generators on Clearance!

A Tensor Field Generator, in bracelet form!

The power of a generator placed accessibly on your wrist. Available in three sizes and frequencies, each Bracelet Generator is shipped collapsed into a bracelet, and is easily reconfigured into a sphere of energetic influence. When the generator is spherical, it creates a sunshine effect, radiating outward in all directions. As a bracelet, a single column of Light energy is emitted from the collapsed form.

Heavy Duty 3-1/4" is a heavy duty bracelet in the newer wisdom energetics.  This is a heavier bracelet, not for everyone.  See below on how to size! 

Wisdom Generator is made from our most recent energetic. These are gentle and peaceful, yet powerful in their transformative space and abilities. In spherical form, this generator will hold a field about the size of a home, until you place your attention and intention to expand the field.  Comes in small and Large.  These are made from a slightly flattened wire, and are the same diameter as the 222 and Harmony Generators, so you can find your size below!  The Wisdom Generator Bracelet's flattened wire makes it easy to tell apart from the 222 and Harmony.

The 222 Generator creates a sphere of energy about the size of a person, and assists the wearer in releasing old thought and behavior patterns, allowing them to access new ways of being with grace, ease, unconditional love, and joy. Made from a comfortable 14 gauge wire, this sphere easily collapses and is quite sturdy. (Inside circumference of 7-¾”)

The Harmony Generator has a sphere of influence of 5 to 6 miles when the Generator is in spherical form. This is the preferred energetic for working with nature and the nature kingdoms.  Made from a lighter 14 gauge wire, it is easily collapsed and made spherical again. (Inside circumference of 9-⅛”)

The Golden Fire Generator balances perceived dark and light energies, and then raises them. Use this generator in communities and neighborhoods that struggle with the heaviness of poverty, violence, fear, and frustration.  It creates a 2-1/2 mile field of influence, emanating the energetics of the Golden Fire.  Made from a heavier 12 gauge wire, so it takes some extra effort on the part of the wearer to return the bracelet to spherical form. Don’t worry about getting it perfect. (Inside circumference of 10”)

All Tensor Field Generators can hold and broadcast intentions of the user.  Simply speak into the spherical form, and your intentions are in place!  A great tool to add intentions into, and then slip over a glass of water for the water to carry the energetics and intentions as well!! 

How to find your size

Simply take a strip of paper, about 2 inches wide, and cut to one of the lengths described above. Tape the ends together, and see if you can slip your hand through the paper hoop without breaking the paper hoop.

Generally speaking, the 222 and Wisdom Small fit over the average american female hands, while the Harmony and Wisdom Large fit over the average male sized hand.  Brian's hands are large and he wears the Harmony.  Extra large hand sizes we recommend the Golden Fire.

Tensor Field Generator Bracelet, Heavy Duty 3-1/4".  Flattened 12 gauge twist.  Same size as the Everything Ring, the 3-1/4" Water Alchemy Ring, and the Light Gauge 3-1/4" New Energy Prototype Ring.  To ensure this generator fits (Brian loves his, but are tight to put on and take off) we have included a pdf file which you can print and cut out to ensure your hand fits.  Simply print, and cut out the circle, leaving all of the black printed line.  If you can fit your hand through without tearing the paper, you are good!!

 Click here to download and print file:  https://twistedsage.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/circle.pdf

If your Generator Bracelet is a little loose on your wrist, it can be slightly expanded back out (while you are wearing it) so that it fits a little tighter on the wrist or forearm.

All of our tools are sturdy, and have lifetime guarantees on the welds.  Please do take care while rounding your sphere so that you are not pushing on a weld or making a sharp bend at the weld point. Product ships collapsed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
My x

My X and I continue to live together because of the lease. "Indifferent" is the best way to describe our interactions. But when the Generator Bracelet arrived, we chatted like good friends. It feels good to love them again.

Victoria S.
Wisdom Generator Bracelet

I was so excited to wear this as a bracelet. For one day. Then I decided to try charging crystals in it and there went the bracelet. Between the wisdom energy and the new energy it is like the stones have been reborn. I have it hanging on a spinner (rechargeable with adjustable speed) and have been rotating all my stones through it. The energy of the stones after they've been rotating inside the generator for a few hours is unbelievable. Their energy fields are HUGE, the quality of the energy is different - seems more refined, clearer, purer. I notice when I hold them it takes me longer to get a sense of their energy - perhaps because it is new to me?
I guess this means I have to get another one if I ever want to wear one. I like the fact that I could put it on my wrist and expand it just enough to cover whatever gemstone bracelets I was wearing.

Renard W.
A remembrance

Since receiving my generator bracelet I have only taken it off to shower. It gives me a feeling of fullness and awareness of my core. I just feel whole with it on or near me.


how wonderful that there are such generators of golden fire. I myself always use this tool for me. I am glad that there is such protection from 5 G! I love these products! I thank Brian and his team! Prosperity of health to you

Carmel C.
Positively amazing manifestation tool

I’m well used to Twisted Sage products by now, so I approach new purchases with a certain level of expectation. (I know, ‘the expectation lesson’ but this time it’s a good thing 😂🙏). I put in sun to charge it up after being in a mailing box for days, to make it 100% mine… picked it up and spoke into it and boom! The energy was unreal. Helps with manifestation. Make sure you are clear and know what you want when you talk to this thing, just sayin’…